CBEO Portal & CUAHSI Information

A CBEO portal (deployed here) is available for registering datasets of different types, search (for CBEO-registered data, or for data registered in all projects within the GEON family of federated portals) , maintaining "work areas", and collaboration (employing both SDSC and NCSA tools). In the last month, we added the ability to create CBEO projects within the portal (under Workgroup - My Projects; each project can organize a set of resources discovered through the portal, has wiki, discussion forums, reporting system, etc.) The CBEO encourages users to register their datasets to the portal and experiment with it.

The CBEO team has recently implemented an updated portal using GeoPortal technology. GeoPortal is an opensource solution and is maintained by a large developer community. GeoPortal is Catalog Services for the Web (CSW) compliant, it supports federation with other CSW catalogs supported by NSF (CUAHSI HIS HydroCatalog, Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) data catalog, or US Geoscience Information Network’s Geothermal Data Catalog), and it integrates with many popular geospatial applications and information exchange formats (KML-Google Earth, RSS feeds, JSON, etc.)

The CBEO progress also relates in some ways to CUAHSI HIS progress in that the SCSC and Mike Piasecki at Drexel (two of the collaborators in the CBEO work) are working to finalize software and databases for CUAHSI HIS during March-April, with plans for these to be distributed to WATERS test bed sites by the end of April. The software will allow search and analysis of federal hydrologic observation data, as well as the mounting of local data, together with "translators" from their own data formats to the "Observation Data Model" (ODM) format of CUAHSI-HIS.

The CBEO project will be one of the first users of CUAHSI HIS, initially using an implementation of the CIMS data-base and an ODM-compliant "translator" on a server that will be maintained in the computer science department of JHU.